natural habitats

For many years Loukas Morley has been working incessantly & harmoniously with the world of reclamation, the world of the lost and found. It is with his keen vision for perfection he begins to amass compositions in his mind of found materials. Like the alchemist, seeing something inherently beautiful in objects and materials that are thrown away or found by chance and valued as worthless.

Working as he does, not fixed in any one direction, his creative adventures take him from idea to idea, project to project, crafting beautiful commissions for his clients.

With a keen eye for architecture, notably as a designer, minimalism and simplicity are a thread to enjoy within the work, often finding humor within the linear and adjoining symmetry.

There is a refined poetic in his work that has a distinct language of its own, a refreshing creative whom has a playful yet sincerity to his creative endeavors.